Evaluate Effectiveness

How do you evaluate the visit's effectiveness?

The Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative (BAHVC) has established a base protocol of 3 in-person visits plus one 6 month follow up phone call.  We ask the same set of questions on every visit and a shorter version on the 6 month call.  This allows us to compare answers and the status of the client's asthma management and home environment improvements.  Because we input deidentified data into an online data tool called REDCap (free and secure) we are able to easily compare home visit outcomes from one visit to the next and overall.  

In addition, we administer surveys to referring clinicians (via online survey link) and to clients (via mail with incentive) to obtain feedback on the visits and to obtain valuable information about the effectiveness of the visit. 

Thank you for your question. 

DC's Department of Energy and Environment evaluates initial knowledge of program topics with a first  home visit with Pre Quiz.  It's composed of 10 questions related to environmental health and associated hazards.  Typically, we conduct the Post Quiz no more than 30 days after our first interaction with the client.  This helps us to understand the client's retention of the education and communication we have had with them thus far.  We also conduct Asthma Control Test, which are measured by scoring. The matriculation of the score helps to indicate how a child's asthma is being impacted during our involvement with the family.