Connecting Health & Housing Programs: Collaborative Efforts to Improve Asthma Outcomes

Question #1

What has been the health impact of the environmental interventions to address asthma triggers in the home.  More specifically how has it effected:

1- Ed Visits

2- Hospitalization rates

3- Overall cost saving to health insurance companies

Question # 2

In evaluating the interventions, what was the success rates of the participating household to continue the environmental intervention on their own.    What education and training was provided to the household members to maintain the environmental intervention?

Question # 3

Did the program re-evaluate the home setting and if so, how often after the initial intervention?

Do you know of any programs that have used nursing students for home environmental assessment with the EPA assessment tool?  If so, were the families receiving home visits referred by hospital ERs, physician offices, school nurses?  Any suggestions for how to get families interested in the home environmental assessments?

How hard (or easy) was it to get the community partners to adopt the
standardized scannable form.  What incentives/disincentives are used?

1. how do you know trigger reduction i.e. cockroaches. is by self report or testing?

2. what suggestions do you give to a smaller program with not as many resources as NY has?

Also, the first speaker mentioned something was helpful in getting refrrals outside of door to door referrals what was it again?

We are currently a technical study to answer all three of these questions and hope it is publishable when completed. Regarding the education and training, we trained residents as peer educators and they conducted in-home and community based education. As BHA institutionalized, they require in their contracts with all pest control contractors that the contractor provides resident education. They also require that the contractor hire a resident to help them get into the units and some of the residents are trained and contribute to the resident education.


We work closely with two hospitals and one, Children’s Hospital Boston Community Asthma Initiative has just published on the health outcomes and cost savings related to their home visiting program. We provide Breathe Easy at Home inspections to many of their clients and it is part of their program portfolio for those patients.

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The powerpoint slides for the webinar have not yet been added to, but will be available in the next few days. Attendees will receive an email notification when this file is available to view. Thank you for your patience and continued interest in this presentation!