Curriculum Developed for Students

My question relates to Kitty Hernlen’s presentation:

What was your process for getting approval to
deliver the program in schools?

Did you have grants for development and/or

How did you evaluate? Pre and post quality of
life? Asthma control?


Maureen Douglas

Alberta Asthma Centre, University of Alberta

First we had to work with the school superintendent and get permission. We asked 7 districs and only three gave permission. They we had to work with the principals to arrange times for the education. Each had different requests. One principal wanted a 2 hour edcuation session for her asthmatic students, another asked us to be at the school all day and he sent the asthmatic students in small groups all day and the third principal wanted eduation for ALL students. She had us take over the PE classes for two days. We ofund out flexibility was the key.

I did have a grant from the W. G. Raoul Foundation for the project so we had funding to develop the curriculum and provide peak flow meters and holding chambers. We planned on doing pre and post tests for the education but ran into problems with our Research Approval Committee and were not able to do them.


Hope this helps.