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Respirando con AANMA is our Spanish Newsletter, which provides medically accurate information, tips and first-person stories. Written by families for families who know allergies and asthma firsthand.
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EPA studies show that indoor levels of pollutants trigger allergy and asthma symptoms which may contribute to school absences and time missed at work. AANMA’s Indoor AIRepair™ at Home, School and Play kit takes families and school administrators on self-guided inspections, providing clues and no- and low-cost solutions to common indoor air quality problems.
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The LSA Learning Library consists of 2 instructional videos that teach the basics in identifying and remediating mold growth conditions in the home environment.
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This toolkit was developed by the CDC and National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) help advocates at the district and school levels persuade people in their schools and communities of the importance of asthma-friendly schools.
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This 12-page booklet offers concrete suggestions for schools working to improve the health and school attendance of students with asthma. The six strategies identified by the CDC can be effective whether your program is for the entire school district or just one school.
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The School Health Index, which includes asthma content, can help schools implement school health guidelines and strategies. This self-assessment and planning tool enables schools to identify the strengths and weaknesses of health promotion policies and programs and assists schools in developing an action plan for improving the school environment. If you go to "Participate Using a Paper Format" and
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