Risk Stratification Criteria

What each measures to differentiate? Home visit not necessary, 1 visit needed, 5-9 visits, etc.

We request that at least one of the following criteria be met in order for us to take a referral and condcut a home visit:

¨Poorly-controlled persistent asthma   

¨Hospital admission for asthma exacerbation in last 12 months   

¨Repeated ER or urgent care visits for asthma in last 6 months   

¨Overuse of rescue medication in last 6 months

¨More than one course of oral steroids in last 6 months   

Concerns about home environmental triggers


Once a home visit has been conducted we presume to do 3 visits and a 6 month call.  On occaision we determine that only one visit is appropriate in the case that a family is in a shelter or will not be able to complete the full program.  However, we prioritize and prefer to conduct the full program. 

With only one criteria and a presumed 3 visit minimum, I perceive a challenge for cost/benefit return on investment.  How is your funding structured?